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Scoring of Points

So you?ve created that team you predict will have the most outstanding performers based on the budget that all managers have been given, right? Good, now you?re all set to learn about the point scoring system. Most fantasy football leagues have different systems of scoring, but broadly speaking, we will go over the incidents that will cause you to gain or lose points. This does not apply to all fantasy football leagues, but is only a generalisation?

Normally, any incident that positively affects the outcome of the match will gain you points, and an incident that causes an undesirable outcome (not necessarily the result of the match) will cause a drop in points.

Okay. We will now go over the incidents that can cause your score to either go up, or drop. First, the positives?

1. Playing in a match (or playing a part in it for at least one half of the match should get you points).
2. Making an assist (That touch or pass that helps in scoring the goal is called an assist. This will score you points.)
3. Scoring a goal (This one is pretty obvious)
4. Scoring a hat-trick (Apart from the normal points you get for goals scored, you should get a bonus if a player scores a hat-trick)
5. Keeping a clean sheet (This counts for goalkeepers and defenders only. They score points if they do not concede a goal during the match).
6. Penalty save (Goalkeeper)
7. Man of the Match
8. Playing exceptionally well, even if the player has not done any of the above.

Now, onto the negative side of the point scoring?

1. Yellow/Red Card (Being carded will result in the deduction of points)
2. Conceding a goal (Goalkeepers and defenders lose points when a goal is conceded).
3. Missing a Penalty (A missed penalty will result in a loss of points, for obvious reasons?)
4. Scoring an own goal (Again, self explanatory)

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