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The Budget

When the budding great managers of tomorrow (and the hopefuls) first select their team, they are kept on a leash that goes by the term ?budget?. If you are new to the concept of fantasy football, you?ll probably have one look at the budget and think that it is a pretty liberal one. Three or four players into your squad selection, and that big imaginary pile of money suddenly looks like it is shrinking at the speed of a bullet train, with the squad selection progressing at a snail?s pace, right?

There isn?t any clear-cut method of mastering this as such. Most people, myself included, like building their team from the front since goals get you good points. Picking a goal-scoring machine, and one consistent performer should be apt to start with. You will soon notice that many teams will have invested heavily into their strike force. This is a good idea, although I am not entirely comfortable with it. While we will go over some basic things to get started, you will have to slowly formulate an approach of your own to tackle the budget.

Remember, just because you are given a certain amount to spend on players does not always mean that you spend the entire money and leave nothing left for later. If you are satisfied with your squad, and have a little money still left, it is a good idea to leave it just the way it is for any transfers that you might have to make later. Be wary of this, because, it can hurt you just as easily as it can help you?

We have all been there, and if I were some sort of a squad selecting genius, I would not be here listening to the rat-a-tat of my keyboard, but probably holidaying in Honolulu.

Without actually looking at the specifics of each fantasy league, and what they offer, it is nigh impossible to make a call as to how the team is to be built. Nevertheless, you could adopt a modus operandi to go about it in a slightly more calculated fashion than picking random players. Here, we will go over a little educated guessing and how it can help you?

An excellent way to start off is by mentally allotting a specific budget to your attack, midfield and defence/goalkeeper, and sticking to it, even if temptations make you want to choose otherwise. This can lead to a well-structured side that can handle injuries and bans very well. This strategy can be extremely helpful when it comes to transfers, if you get into problems with injuries or bans, since you have a good chance in replacing your player relatively easily.

Another widely used approach is to pick up a few of the bigger players in the league (who will do most of your point scoring), and fill the rest of the spots with dummies (who don?t get too much time on that green thing that you and I are so fond of). This isn?t always the best way to play, but it can reap you rich dividends if you are good.

Of the two ways I have outlined above, many variations and changes of emphasis are possible, but I prefer the former way of going about things since it makes it easier to aim for that perfect 1 to 1 exchange (transfer) wherein the rest of your squad is left undisturbed. The actual bearing of this is subject to the amount of transfers available, and the opportunities that arise on the transfer window, to actually go about making those changes.

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