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Of Repositioning, Slumbering Giants, and the Greenhorns?

Repositioned players have for long been looked at in a friendly manner, accompanied by a wry smile on the faces of the managers. These are players that are classified as defenders but are played more in the midfield, or specified as midfielders who also play up front.

Consider what would happen if your forwards, as well as a couple of midfielders are scoring constantly for you! This should easily send your team soaring. My picks for this season are Dirk Kuyt, provided he does not succumb to the dreaded rotation conjured by Rafa Benitez. Theo Walcott could be an interesting prospect too, provided he gets enough time on the field. This should not be too hard to spot if you have a look at the pre-season games, and watch out closely for the positioning your prospective players.

Next?A slumbering giant! Every season you will find players that suddenly return to top form after having two right feet the previous season. Watch the games closely to see who fits your bill. This is not limited to the beginning of the season only. There have always been, and always will be players who pull up their socks, and tighten their belts upon being put into a tough spot, or when a couple of questions are asked of them.

We shall now take a look at the tenderfoots taking baby steps in the league of extraordinary teams! The imports may take time to adjust. Not everyone (in this case, the strikers) will turn into a missile launcher that goes by the name of Fernando Torres, from day one. Look at the style of play, and judge for yourself how they may cope in the premier league. More than other imports, strikers normally take a little time to find the back of the net consistently. You would be well advised if someone asked you to play it safe here. It is a lot easier to spot talent among the newly promoted teams. It is easier to scout your talents there, but be slightly wary though. They could be excellent players in their own right, but football is a team game. If other players in the team do not perform, expecting a one-man-army is sheer desperation.

So, take a good look at the ones you think will perform under new conditions. Ideally, you could stick to the tried and tested transfer market method, wherein you could switch like for like, and outwit your friends in the process. But, if you?re looking at the bigger picture, scouting them out before the rest of the pack joins in is your best bet to success in the fantasy leagues.

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