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Big Guns, No fire

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Two footballers. Two superb scorers. Both leave the Lilywhites in favour of two of the biggest clubs in the world. Closing in on the halfway point this season, each of them has but two goals to his name. For a combined transfer fee of over ?50 million, were they really worth it? For those still in the dark about my ramblings, we speak of Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane. Amongst themselves, they have 28 appearances, and 4 goals.

Apart from the fact that Nicolas Anelka having more than six times the amount of goals these two have scored this season, Robinho, Ronaldo, and Amr Zaki (who has turned into an excellent player for Wigan, I must add) have four times the amount.

Darren Bent probably has a sardonic smile, watching these two, considering the fact that he practically spent the whole of last season warming the bench. He too has seven goals to his name.

We now hear rumours of Tottenham wanting Keane back. This is one step towards improvement. Keane, who is a fan favourite at White Hart Lane would do well to return to his former club, find his feet and return to his goalscoring ways. Sir Alex on the other hand has had a lot faith in Berbatov, continuously playing him up, and that faith must be scraping off, little by little. It is not my intention to be overly critical of the two strikers, but when a sum of fifty million pounds produces four goals, it would be prudent just to review the situation and have a look at where the money went.

In the defence of Keane and Berbatov, they have 4 and 6 assists each, but when one is playing the lone striker in the absence of Torres, and the other, who edged Tevez out of the starting lineup, assists are certainly not the name of the game, especially when one takes one look at which clubs they play for. So, the question is?are these two really worth the price that was paid to acquire their services?

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