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Goods once sold can be returned

?For the benefit of both the seller, and the buyer. This is what I call a win-win situation! Although, had we known about this earlier, Juande Ramos would have been hailed the way a shrewd warrior is hailed for his actions on the battlefield. If rumours are to be believed, a struggling Tottenham are probably going to bring their boy back home, after selling him off to Liverpool only six months ago! A bid of anything even remotely close to the ?20 million that saw him go away, should see Keane don the Spurs uniform again.

Being in a club incompatible to his style of playing, he has been unable to enthral Merseyside, provided Liverpool boss has the courage to swallow his pride and let go of the captain of the Republic of Ireland. After deflating his transfer market value, Liverpool are sure to get lesser than what they bought him for, if they decide to sell him after this short spell that has been unremarkable, at best, for someone who has been a fan of the club since his childhood.

Memories of the 2003-04 season will probably be ripe at White Hart Lane at this time, since Robbie Keane?s 16 goals went a long way in their relegation battle. It looks like this season may have a similar storyline, if he returns to the Lilywhites. A transfer of this magnitude will throw up a lot of interesting options to Benitez, who has plans to bring Heskey to Anfield. This sale should probably give him enough leeway to bring in Michael Owen, who may not be at Newcastle United much longer. Owen, a previous Red, should fit in very well with the squad, and can either partner Torres, or replace him on injury (since he has been injury prone this season).





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