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Fantasy Football Winner 07/08 has Finally Revealed his Secrets of Success

All of us spend our lifetimes in pursuit of our goals and success, but the reality is that most of us return empty-handed. But have you ever imagined the feeling, when after putting in months of hard work, one day you find out that you?re centimeters away from the finish line with no one else in sight. John Frisina of Australia, champion of the fantasy Football League is one guy who experienced it and enjoyed every moment of it.

He described this one-in-a-million moment as ?Incredible?, when he logged on to realize that he was well ahead of all other players and was going to win the Fantasy Premier League. And the volume of the success and the level of excitement become tenfold when you think of the chances of your victory against millions of league managers. It was as if his dreams had come true, but there are millions others who have day-dreamed the same situation but failed to turn it into reality.

But we can hardly blame any of the Fantasy Football mangers who have not had the chance to taste sweet success as common sense tells us that one has very bleak chances of winning when the competitors are no less than two million. Then the question pops into the mind of ordinary people that what is it that one has to do to come out on top out of millions? Are there any strategies? Is extraordinary intelligence required? Or do you have to stick with superstitions like a lucky coin or a lucky number?

Any one can ask these questions, but there are only a handful of people who are in the position of answering them. John Frisina of Australia is one of them as he beat two million Fantasy Football Managers in the 2007/2008 season, and luckily he is not rude enough to conceal his secrets of success. It was just his fourth year of taking part in this game, and he even surprised himself by staying tough in the competition through the course of the season.

Frisina says:

Really only in the last couple of years I have been in the top 200 or so. I was nowhere near the leaders before that.

He describes his key to success was playing a balanced side that contained superstars and some rather less-known players like Sunderland’s Kenwyn Jones and Wigan?s Ryan Taylor. But his secrets don?t end here, as he describes:

I think it happened after I started watching a few more games on television. I got to see first-hand who was playing, what form they were in and I learned a lot from there. Having a good knowledge of all the players across all of the teams is really important.

Frisina also kept himself updated with the player?s injuries and recent form as these two factors play a critical role in picking the best 11. Seven weeks before the season closed, Frisina found himself ahead of others, and then he made slight modifications in his strategy to stay ahead till the very end.

I came out of nowhere really. There was one week where I just logged on to check my team and I found myself in front. It was incredible.

He showed that not only he was lucky but he had the brains to snatch luck for himself as later he stopped making extravagant moves and played safe.

I kept having a look at the guys below me and tried to keep a similar sort of team so they couldn’t catch me.

But its not all intelligence that is required as the brain that created Fantasy Football League, Mark Hughes of ISM-Games himself has never come close to winning, in fact in his own words.

I don’t know if I have any secrets, though, because if I knew them I’d be a lot better at the game.


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