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Lingerie Football League: True Fantasy Football

All of us are huge fans of Fantasy Football, there’s no doubt about that! But American Football’s recently launched LFL has given the word “Fantasy” a whole new meaning! What’s LFL, you ask? It’s something you couldn’t have imagined even in your wildest dreams! Lingerie Football League!!

The concept of the LFL originated from the hugely popular ?Lingerie Bowl’ which was broadcasted as pay-per-view, in parallel with the halftime show at the annual Super Bowl. The game play style is similar to ?indoor football’, with seven girls to a side, playing on a field of approximately 50 yards. The official uniforms for the players include bikini tops, really short shorts, helmets and shoulder padding.

The league expands to 10 participating teams this season. Each team will play 4 games over a period lasting around 20 weeks from September to January next year. The following is a list of participating teams, with very suggestive names:

Philadelphia Passion, Chicago Bliss, Miami Caliente, New York Euphoria, Tampa Breeze, Dallas Desire, Denver Dream, Los Angeles Temptation, San Diego Seduction and Seattle Mist.

The Lingerie Football League introduces a whole new dimension to the phrase ?Sports Entertainment’, coined by the WWE. It’s not just about sexy girls who’re ready to show themselves off. Skill on the field, athletic ability and aggression matter just as much. Most of the teams are presently holding tryouts to finalise their squad, and girls are turning out in large numbers. Imagine the scene: Two fully clothed male trainers putting 40 young and hot women, in undergarments, through speed exercises and various drills. Quite a sight, eh?

How is this league different from other female leagues? First: The emphasis on lingerie. Second: Priority to physical beauty over skill. There are some minimum beauty and weight standards (unofficial) which the girls are expected to meet if they want to play in the league.? Marketability is of primary concern.

The girls will be given the tag of “semi professional”, and their wages will depend on contract details as well as certain factors like ticket sales at stadiums. Some of the girls who’ve turned out for the tryouts thus far are very comfortable with the idea of running around in lingerie, and feel good about flaunting their sexuality. Some others are not so sure of themselves yet, but are confident they’ll pull through.

Imagine: 14 lean and mean power women running around playing football. What’s more? They’re scantily and sexily clad with bikini tops and hot pants. And the best part? They’re doing it just for you!! If that isn’t the fantasy of every guy, then I don’t know what fantasy means!

This sure is one thing worth giving some attention to. To get a feel of it, check out the pictures after the jump…



  1. sam sadanand
     /  Reply

    There must be quite a few “wadrobe malfunctions” during the games!

  2. tiffanee
     /  Reply

    hey i was wondering when u r having the la team tryouts?


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