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Last Man Standing…Sporting Knock Out Game Review

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a football pundit, then Sporting Knock Out may have the perfect game for you to play. The site has been running for around four years now, and is growing in its popularity, with its football punditry game which is an innovative and diverse take on other fantasy football games.

The idea of the game is that you pick a team from the Premier League or the Championship from the fixtures each weekend. If your team avoids defeat then you pass through to the next round. If your team loses, you’re out. To make things more interesting, not to mention more challenging, and to stop people picking Manchester United every week, you cannot pick the same team twice.

Sounds complicated? I thought so when I first came across the site, but in reality it is a really simple game to play. But it takes a lot of forward thinking and strategy to play with any degree of success. You will need to study the fixture list for the weeks in advance to plan your strategy due to the game’s unique point of only being able to pick a team once through the course of the season.

Do you go with “the big 4” for the first four weeks and hope they’ll get you that banker result that will guarantee that you get at least into week 5 still in the competition? Or do you hold those banker cards until the later stages, hoping that you can select positive results in the meantime from the smaller clubs?

There’s a lot to think about, but the important factor to remember is that to pass through to the next round, you only need to select a team NOT to lose. That makes things just that little bit easier, especially once you get to a stage where perhaps you have already chosen the bigger, better, more consistent sides. You may not think, for example, that Wolves will beat Fulham at home, but the odds are improved when you can afford for them to draw the game as well. But as I’m sure you are all aware, football is an unpredictable game at times.

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The site runs individual games starting at the beginning of each month (August until February), which will each last until everybody is eliminated from the game or until the end of the season, whichever comes first. The winner will be the “last man standing”, the player or players who have remained unbeaten for the longest period, and they will take home the jackpot cash prize fund from the money created from entries to that particular game.

If there is more than one winner, then the money is shared equally between them. The site also awards cash prizes to the top 20% of players, so you have a good chance of winning at least something. And with the site becoming ever more popular, the good news is that the prizes at stake are increasing all the time. The bad news with that is that you have all the more people to try and beat! But if you do well, then the rewards are well worth winning. Entry to the game is ?10, and you can submit multiple entries to each of the monthly games, which can provide you with up to eight months of playing time, so it’s good value for money.

It’s great that there are variants of the regular fantasy football games that are already available. As in all of these games, the game is all about strategy. Rather than picking the right players at the right times as in other fantasy football competitions, here you must study the fixtures, not just for this week or the next few weeks but for the season long, and select a formula that will keep you in the game for the longest possible amount of time. But the thing that makes all of these games work though is the great sport of football.



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