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Players to watch out for in the Upcoming Game Weeks

The following players are ones who could possible excel in the upcoming season. They are not the most expensive of players, but have the possibility of shining before the end of the season.

1) Stephen Ireland – was easily Manchester City’s best player last season. Now he is priced at 9 million, which I think is still cheap for him. I also feel with the added quality around him, he will inspire Manchester City on this season. In their first game against Blackburn he was the person picking out the passes from midfield, and making the late runs into the penalty area. This resulted in a very calmly taken goal which he fully deserved. If he stays fit I feel he will be challenging Steven Gerard, Frank Lampard and Cesc Fabregas as the top midfielders in the league.

2) Luca Modric – is priced reasonably at 7.5 million right now. He will be utilized as the play maker for Spurs, and if he has properly adapted to the physical nature of the EPL, could fire them up the league this season. With the colossal Palacios giving him cover in midfield, some nippy players up front and the very tall Crouch to target – the options available to him are large. Harry Redknapp seems to have a very balanced side who I fully expect to be challenging for a top 5 spot this season. That is if Modric steps up?

3) Michael Essien – priced at 7.5 million right now, he is an essential cog in the midfield for Chelsea. It seems Frank Lampard is playing a bit further up the pitch than in previous seasons, which has stifled his trademark late runs into the penalty area. With Michael Essien now playing at the bottom of the diamond shaped midfield – he will directly benefit from Lampards absence from that position – to score more goals this season. If he stays fit, I expect him to be scoring about 10 goals in the league this season, and Lampard to score less than usual.

4) Thomas Vermaelen – is a reasonably priced defender who started his EPL career with Arsenal last weekend, with a goal from a set piece. An Arsenal player scoring from a header is a rarity, but I think it had more to do with Everton’s shocking defending than Arsenals set plays. He looked remarkably calm and collected at the back and reminded me of Nemanja Vidic. At 6.5 million – I believe he is well worth that as a defender for Arsenal, who will score the odd couple of goals from set plays.

5) Clint Dempsey – is an attacking midfielder from the United States who plays for Fulham. Last season he scored 7 goals in the league which made him Fulhams top scorer. He takes some of the set pieces and is deadly from long range and was one of the most under rated players from last season. Take advantage of this as this season he is very reasonably priced at 6.5 million, which is not a lot for a player who could potentially be scoring between 150 – 200 points.


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