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Good English Premier League Players who do not translate to Good Fantasy Football Players

There are a group of players in the English Premier League who are very good footballers who significantly help their teams throughout the season. The only thing is their ability is never really reflected in the points they receive on a weekly basis.

This role is normally the defensive midfielder, who plays just in front of the defense. Their defensive job is to break up the opposition?s attack, which means a lot of tackles, and subsequently a lot of yellow and red cards. This position is not really rewarded very well in the Fantasy Football Game, unless the player was blessed with an attacking flair.

Exceptions for this position would be along the lines of a determined Roy Keane in his Manchester United prime, and today we can look towards Michael Essien, who not only doggedly defends his goal but is also a very useful attacking option for Chelsea.

Examples of players who will consistently score badly are:

1) Javier Mascherano ? is not a great goal scorer, with a total tally of one for Liverpool so far. What he does do is defend doggedly in front of the line of defense. His talent is widely accepted as he often manages to stifle the creative play of the opposition, to give his team a platform to then build from. Red and yellow cards are peppered throughout his games, with the most famous one being the Old Trafford incident, when he ran 50 yards to protest a yellow card given to Fernando Torres and then subsequently got sent off. A risky midfielder to pick, who if it weren?t for the occasional bonus points, would not score very well. Also with a decidedly weaker Liverpool midfield this season, I would stay well away from this player.

2) Wilson Palacios ? has not scored any goals since moving to England. He has spent time with Birmingham, Wigan and now plies his trade at Spurs. He has been involved in a few assists and scored quite a few bonus points since he joined Spurs, midway through last season. A very well built player, he adds a defensive balance to a decidedly light weight Spurs midfield. Unfortunately this means a lot of tackling and a lot of fouls given away, which if Spurs don?t do well, will not be reflected very well in his Fantasy Football scores.

3) Lee Catermole ? is a 21 year old defensive midfielder who now plays for Steve Bruce at Sunderland. Having debuted at Middlesbrough, and then moving on to Wigan Athletic, followed by his move to Sunderland he has only ever scored 4 league goals in the English Premiership. Steve Bruce recently likened his attitude similar to that of Roy Keane, but he clearly does not have the attacking flair Keane possessed in his prime. Lee is very young player and time will tell if he blossoms into a player similar to Keane, but right now ? I would keep away from him.

4) George Boateng ? another defensive midfielder whose dogged displays helped keep his team Hull, up in the Premiership last year. Not one to shy away from the tackles ? George will collect his fair share of yellow and red cards.

5) Jon Mikel Obi ? If Michael Essien is fit, Jon is normally relegated to the bench. Very good defensive midfielder, who couldn?t tell you where the oppositions goal is. Having never scored a goal for Chelsea, he provides defensive cover for the midfield role Essien is first choice in. He clearly is a lot less of an attacking option than Essien and is someone I would keep well away from in the Fantasy Premier league.


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