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Current In-Form Players in the Fantasy English Premiership

Here is an analysis of the current in-form players, and whether it is worth picking them up now or later:

1) Shay Given – has started and played 90 minutes for every game for Manchester City this season. Having not conceded a goal yet and a new defensive partnership in front of him – Lescott and Toure – their defense can only get better. With their next 2 games against Arsenal and Manchester United it may be worthwhile to wait until you pick him up. After they play those 2 powerhouses they have a run of 6 easier games where you would expect him to pick up a lot of points. So my advice would be to pick him up from game week 7 onwards.

2) Glen Johnson – is already the highest ranking defender in the Fantasy English Premiership this season. Having played four games he has notched up two assists, two goals and four bonus points. That makes him joint 2nd place with Rooney as player with most points this season so far – Drogba is in first place. Liverpool have an easy run of games coming up with Burnley, West Ham and Hull. He would be a good choice to have now, as not only could they keep clean sheets, he seems to be a very big threat for them down the right hand side, and seems to spend a lot of time powering forward.

3) Aaron Lennon – one of the smallest players in the premiership, but most certainly one of the fastest. Two assists, two goals and four bonus points, give him the same statistics as Glen Johnson so far. The only reason he has less points is that Spurs have conceded more goals, and he is classified as a midfielder. With Manchester United and Chelsea next – it may be worthwhile to wait until game week 7, when they start an easier run of games – before you pick him up. They will then play Burnley, Bolton, Portsmouth and Stoke – where you would fancy your chances with him!

4) Emmanuel Adebayor – has started his Manchester City career with a bang, having scored a goal in every football game they have played so far. He is almost certainly going to carry on thumping in the goals for them, and should be on everyone’s watch list by now! The only uncertainty, with Manchester City, is how they will perform against one of the ‘top four’? With their next 2 games against Arsenal and Manchester United it may be worthwhile to wait until you pick him up- much like Shay Given above. The 6 games I mentioned above are – West Ham, Aston Villa, Wigan, Fulham, Birmingham and then Burnley. They will then face Liverpool in game week 13, which is a long time away.

5) Didier Drogba – has scored more goals for Chelsea than any other foreign player and is currently Chelsea’s ninth highest goal scorer of all time. He has averaged 8.2 points a game this season, and is always a threat in front of goal. I mentioned earlier in the season – “if he is on form, he can be unplayable for most defenders”, which I very much think is the case right now. No matter who they play he will continue with his goal scoring exploits. I expect the top three strikers at the end of the season to be Rooney, Drogba and Adebayor, so find time to get either all three or at least one on your team ASAP!


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