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Friday Analysis: Defensive mettle for your Fantasy Premiership team

The cornerstone of a good Fantasy Premiership team is a good defense. Unlike good midfielders and strikers, defenders are relatively cheap, with the most expensive player right now being Glen Johnson and Nemandic Vidic at 7.9 million pounds. Glen Johnson has accumulated 43 points so far this season, while Steven Gerrard, (who has the most points in midfield), has 46 points. Gerrard costs 12.6 million pounds which is 4.7 million pounds more expensive than Johnson.

Here are a list of Premiership defenders, who seem to be showing form this season, and should be at least on your watch list ?

Thomas Verlaelen is currently only owned by 15.7% of Fantasy Managers and averages 8.3 points a game. Having scored 3 goals and 1 assist, he is now the third ranked defender in the league with 40 points. His presence on set pieces has already reaped rewards, for those who have him on their team. He will no doubt score more goals for Arsenal this season, and along with the rest of the defense, should have a number of clean sheets against the lesser teams in the league. With a run of games against Blackburn, Birmingham and West Ham, coming up next ? this would be an ideal time to invest in this Dutch defender!

Glen Johnson is the Liverpool right back, who seems to be an integral part of their attack now. Since he started at Liverpool, he has scored 2 goals and assisted with 3. As the season continues, his assists will continue, as he continues to forage further up the field. With his price already at 7.9 million pounds, he is the most expensive defender in the league. 20% of managers already have him on their team, and this will continue to rise if he maintains his current form. With a hard run of games coming up for Liverpool ? Chelsea, Sunderland and Manchester United, I would wait before picking him up ? if you haven?t got him already.

Ashley Cole has started this season off in great form, and is Chelsea?s highest ranked defenders. He seems to have benefited from the new manager, with forays further up the field. 2 goals and plenty of bonus points have seen him become the 2nd ranked defender in the league so far. At 7.2 million he could be an ideal replacement for Glen Johnson, when Liverpool has a bad run of games. Chelsea has a solid defense, so I can see a lot of clean sheet bonuses for him as well. They play Liverpool, Aston Villa and then Blackburn, so it may be worthwhile waiting for one game before picking him up.

Joleon Lescott is a new Manchester City player. He made his reputation at Everton, where he was their best central defender for at the last 2 years. A constant threat off set pieces, he has yet to score this season. The inevitable will happen soon, and his new partnership with Kolo Toure looks set to blossom as well. Whether this is sooner or later is anybodies guess right now, but looking at their up-coming fixture list, it may be worthwhile picking him now, because their next 5 games are against Aston Villa, Wigan, Fulham, Birmingham and Bunley, which I fully expect them to win.

Richard Dunne is the new Aston Villa central defender. Having been at Manchester City for a large proportion of his career, the Irishman is now plying his trade for Martin O?Neill. He has started for Villa since his move from Manchester City, and looks likely to play regularly for them. Having accumulated? the most amount of bonus points as a defender last season, he has regularly been ranked in the top 5 for the last 5 years. I fully expect this to continue, and with Villa playing Manchester City, Chelsea and Wolves next it may be a good idea to wait for at least the first 2 games before purchasing him for a measly 5.3 million.

Leighton Baines the Everton defender who is profiting from set pieces because of the absence of Mikel Arteta has already scored 31 points this season. He has scored once and set up 3 goals so far, making him the 5th ranked defender in the league. At 6.3 million, he is relatively cheap. With games against Stoke, Wolves, Bolton, Aston Villa and West Ham, coming up and a double game week in week 13, he is definitely my current hot pick out of all defenders.


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