Wednesday, 11/12/2019 | 11:57 UTC+0
Fantasy Football Guru

Squad Rotation and it?s pitfalls to Fantasy Premiership Managers

Manchester United?s last game against Sunderland was a reminder to Fantasy Football managers that squad rotation can have an adverse impact on your teams scoring potential. Ryan Giggs was very much the on-form player over the last few game weeks at Manchester United. A lot of Fantasy Managers had previously purchased this midfielder and expected him to continue his fine form against Sunderland. But it wasn?t to be, as Sir Alex Ferguson left Ryan on the bench for the whole match ? leaving egg over the faces of plenty of Fantasy Managers.

Having a good squad of players who play on a regular basis, is a sure fire way to avoid these circumstances – where you lose unnecessary points for substitutes who don?t actually play or score much.

Instead of investing in all the expensive players and having 3 useless substitutes, it may be worthwhile compromising and purchasing 3 playing substitutes, who have the ability to score some points. There are plenty of bargain basement players, who have the ability to score you points on a weekly basis.

We have regularly featured lists of cheap players on this site who have good scoring potential. This week we will focus on the 4 positions – goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and strikers, and list you the value added players, we think you could add to your team, to make a difference when you get caught out by squad rotation or injuries. The first special on goalkeepers will be published tomorrow.


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