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A Substitute Goalkeeper for your Fantasy Premiership Team

It is very wise to have a decent substitute goalkeeper on your Fantasy Premiership team. When your first choice goalkeeper is injured or banned, you could save yourself a lot of points if you have a good replacement, waiting on your team.

Here are a couple of cheap goalkeepers who may be worth having on your team:

1) Thomas Sorenson
is the Stoke City first choice goalkeeper. He is currently ranked the best goalkeeper in the league with a total of 36 points. His price is 4.1 million pounds which is very cheap for a goalkeeper in the fantasy game. He has made 36 saves from his eight games representing Stoke in goal, and has also accumulated 2 bonus points. He has had 4 clean sheets, against the lesser known teams, and although he has conceded goals against the stronger teams, he has compensated for those clean sheet points with a large amount of saves. Against Liverpool he conceded 4 goals, but still managed 10 saves in that game, which gave him an extra 3 points to his game week score. With the next 3 games for Stoke against Everton, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur, it may be worthwhile waiting before you pick him up. The following 4 games after Spurs are against Wolves, Hull, Portsmouth and Blackburn, which would be an ideal time to purchase him!

2) Brian Jenson is the Burnley first choice goalkeeper in the premiership. He is ranked the third best goalkeeper in the league, so far this season. Burnley has so far won all their home matches this season, which includes beating the reigning champions at home in game week 2. He has saved 36 shots on goal, which is identical to Thomas Sorenson. He has also let in 16 goals, which is double the amount Sorenson has conceded, and accumulated 3 bonus points so far this season. With 3 out of the next 4 games at home, against Birmingham, Blackburn (away), Wigan and Hull, I would recommend picking him up now as your spare goalkeeper. His price is only 4.2 million, which should be ideally for your substitute goalkeeper

3) Joe Hart is the Birmingham City first choice goalkeeper, this season. He is the fourth ranked goalkeeper in the Fantasy League and costs only 4.2 million pounds. With 33 saves and only 8 goals conceded so far, Birmingham?s defense is certainly a lot tighter than the other promoted clubs from the last two seasons. With a tough run of games coming up for Birmingham, it may be worthwhile to look elsewhere, until they have an easier run of games. Their next games are against Burnley, Arsenal, Sunderland, Manchester City and Liverpool, which should be a handful for Joe Hart. The following games after that run look a lot easier, and would be worthwhile waiting for.

Another method I have seen this season for goalkeepers; are 2 cheap goalkeepers, with changes depending on their opponents every game week. This would work out if between the two goalkeepers you alternated ? taking into account their opponents, and whether they where playing home or away. This would also free you up with more money to spend on the rest of your team.

Tomorrow we will look at cheap substitute defenders, which continues the series we are running this week.


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