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Fantasy Football App for IPhone

Imagine if you will that you are on a journey and its 11:15 on a Saturday morning and to your surprise you realise you did not change your captain to Torres who has Hull City this afternoon or you forgot to transfer your star player who is currently injured. If you do not have access to a computer then there is little that you could do about it, however that could all change with the release of the Fantasy Football App for the IPhone.

First, there is not currently another app that is capable of integrating with the fantasy premier league site and as such the makers PinkGrapeFruit Designs should be commended for that.

When you start the application I have to mention that it bears no resemblance to the official fantasy premier league site as such it requires you to become familiar with this different layout. If you were on the go with your team pre-selected then to check the latest gameweek score you will find yourself looking at an image similar to the screenshot on the right below. The layout is simple and easy if all you require is just to check your score.

If you require more information then the app provides this as well, by clicking on a player from the game week you can see a breakdown of their performance. For example the minutes played, bonus points, assists, goals scored and so on. This is where the app comes into its own, there is nothing worse then having to wait for what seems like an eternity to log into the fantasy league site on the IPhone to check your score. With this app you can quickly (connection dependent) check your gameweek score as well as a breakdown of an individual player.

If you want to physically change your team then the app will allow you to this as well. You can do virtually everything that you could do at a computer with this app, such as the options shown on the right below.

Changing the Captain, Substitutions and Changing the Substitute Order are straightforward and easy to use. However transfers are very basic and tedious and unless you know exactly who you would like to transfer already then this side is best left to do on a computer. The basic problem of the transfers is that you can only see targets one team at a time, therefore you can not see the leading players in a given position. Although this is a set back i would expect that this could be implemented in the future.

This Fantasy Premier League app is what every Fantasy manager has been looking for. Despite the fact that leagues cannot be created directly and that the layout in terms of the basic graphics are not on par with the real site should not take anything away from this excellent app.

This is a brilliant app for those fantasy addicts who want to be on the go but be tinkermen at the sametime and is worth the mere 59 pence.

Fantasy Football 09/10 is a brilliant first attempt of a fantasy football app and has set the bench mark for other app makers to follow and better.

Overall 4/5

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