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Substitute Forwards for your Fantasy Premiership Team

Forwards in the Fantasy Premier League have the potential of scoring you a good amount of points. To free up some cash for some top quality strikers, here are some cheap ones, who have the potential of scoring a decent amount of points themselves ?

David Nugent is now a Burnley player who seems to be playing himself back into form over the last 3 game weeks. In his last 3 games he has averaged 6 points a game, which is exceptional for a player costing only 5.2 million pounds. The former Portsmouth player who was publicly condemned by 2 successive managers, seems to have found his feet recently, and could prove to be a quality substitute striker, for your Fantasy Premiership team. I would avoid playing him if Burnley play a top six side and keep him for mid to relegation team matches, where his potential to score or assist in goals greatly increases.

With Burnley?s next 3 games against Blackburn, Wigan and Hull, it could be an idea to have him on your team for the upcoming game week.

Zavon Hines is an U21 England forward who plays for West Ham. He was first thrust into the spotlight, when he almost scored against Liverpool, and set another goal up in game week 5. He duly received 2 bonus points from that game and has played the majority of games since his starting debut. At 4.5 million pounds he is value for money, and if he keeps himself fit and playing regularly, he could blossom into a decent player.

Looking at West Hams schedule ? they play Stoke away, Arsenal at home and Sunderland away in the next three game weeks. It also looks like West Ham are going to have a double game week in game week 11, with them playing Aston Villa as their other match. I would look to be buying him into my team for game week 11 and not beforehand. They then have an easy run of games against Everton, Hull and Burnley.

Andrew Keogh is an Irish international footballer, who plays for Wolverhampton Wonderers, as a forward. He has played for Wolves since 2007 and has had 104 appearances for them. He has started all Wolves games this season, and has scored one goal and credited for an assist for another. He also has accumulated 5 bonus points, which shows he is slouch on the pitch. At 5 million pounds he is a bargain, but with matches against Everton, Aston Villa, Stoke (away), Arsenal and Chelsea coming up I would hold off from purchasing him until game week 14.

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink is a Dutch player, who plays for Hull, and has the longest name in the Premiership.? He has only played bit parts in 3 games and one full match for Hull, so far this season. He is regaining his fitness, and scored in his last game against Wigan. The ex-Celtic player could be one to watch in the coming weeks, as Hull have a good run of games and a double game week in Week 13. He would be my pick of this bunch of players, at a price of 5 million pounds.


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