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When you start your fantasy league there are those players that you assume will continue their good form from previous seasons. Those players like Stephen Ireland, Frank Lampard, Ashley Young to name but a few, but what if those players are not reaching the same high levels? Perhaps its time to make a change or should we stick by our players through this tough time?

Lets analyse some of those players who have been chosen by a high proportion of managers.

Frank Lampard has been chosen currently by 27% of managers, this is down from around 30% that was at the start of the season. So far this season Lampard has contributed 3 goals and 5 assists in the 10 games that he has featured. For most midfielders this would be considered a good return however at a cost of 12.5 (fallen to 12.4) it is far from exceptional. My advise to the fantasy managers who have Lampard in their team is to stick by him as he has consistently scored more than 10 goals a season and assists just as much.

Ashley Young burst onto the scene when he featured for Watford 3 seasons ago and impressed Martin O? Neill so much that he paid around ?10 million for his services. In terms of the FPL Young is a popular choice he has performed well in past seasons however this term he has netted just once and assisted three times. By all accounts Young has been underperforming and my advice would be to purchase his Villa counterpart James Milner who is 1.1 million cheaper and is performing better.

Joleon Lescott protracted move to Manchester City from Everton took place over the summer with Lescott being one of the most expensive defenders of all time. Lescott is a good defender world class is highly debateable but from an FPL perspective Lescott gains points for his eye for goal. In the last two seasons he scored more than 15 goals in all competitions however his form this season has been poor. His price has plummeted from 7.5 to 7.0, despite the 0.5 price drop Manchester City?s defence means that Lescott is an expensive option that doesn?t need to be taken. If you want a goal scoring defender look no further than Thomas Vermaelen of Arsenal.

Stephen Ireland by all accounts had a great season last year scoring 9 goals and assisting 10 times at 5.5 he was a bargain. This year he has been priced at 9.0 which is a vast increase on the previous season however he has had a poor season scoring only once and not assisting at all. His price has dropped to 8.7 but he is still far to expensive to be considered. Another option would be Yossi Benayoun from Liverpool and at 7.9 he would be a cheaper alternative.



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