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Game Week 13 – How to Capitalize on a Double Game Week

Game week 13 sees 4 teams playing twice. Everton, Hull, Blackburn and Fulham all play twice, due to postponed games from the Europa Cup. We see Blackburn play Bolton and Fulham away from home, Everton play Manchester United and Hull away from home, Fulham playing Birmingham away and then Blackburn at home and Hull playing West Ham and Everton at home.

To fully capitalize on these double games I have put together a list of players currently in-form that could reap your team bonus points and value:

Clint Dempsey is the Fulham player who so far has the most points this season. The attacking midfielder from Texas is currently ranked 4th overall in the league for current form as well. He is currently averaging 6.8 points a game and with a good run of games, up until game week 16, he could be a handy points scorer for your fantasy football team.

David Dunn is playing a very advanced midfield role for Blackburn this season. This seems to have paid off for him, as he is currently very highly ranked in terms of form. His average score per match has been 4.5 points, and he costs a measly 5.8 million pounds. He has scored 4 goals and accumulated 11 bonus points so far and has been described by his manager as being in scintillating form.

Louis Saha is the ex-Manchester United striker who has just recovered from injury. Having just scored 2 goals in the last 3 games for Everton in the league, he is most likely to score at least one goal in the forthcoming double game week.

Leighton Baines is the Everton defender who is profiting from taking set pieces because of the absence of Mikel Arteta this season. He has already scored 40 points this season and is consistently an outlet for crosses whenever Everton play. He has scored once and set up 3 goals so far and at 6.3 million, he is relatively cheap. If they manage to keep a clean sheet at Old Trafford you could possibly see a very good game week for all managers with him on their team.

Brede Hangeland
, is one of the best defenders in the league outside the ?top four?. He was a transfer target for Arsene Wenger, but committed himself to another season at Fulham. With a possibility of clean sheets in game weeks 13 to 16, he should be on everyone?s watch list.



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