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Transfers during an International Break Weekend

This coming weekend their will be an international matches staged all across the world. The international teams will either be competing for a World Cup place, or have already qualified and are taking part in a friendly match.

This scenario brings into focus how you handle your transfers during this break. I can offer two bits of advice for all you fantasy premiership managers –

1) Firstly, if a player on your team is taking part in a world cup playoff match, be wary of using your transfers early on. The player may get injured, and not be available for your team on the following game week. It may be worth holding onto the transfer until after the match, and then checking on the player?s status. If they do get injured, then you can use your transfer to swap them out, instead of losing four points, to do an extra transfer. Also if you have quality substitutes, then you could also demote the injured player to the bench.

2) If the international match is a friendly match, like the England vs. Brazil match coming up; the likelihood the international players get injured is a lot less, than a competitive match. Managers generally like to experiment and do not exert the players more than normal. Also a lot of substitutes are generally used, to access all available options. Even though it is a friendly, players will still get injured -so be beware of this!

In all honesty, it is generally a good thing to save your substitution until after all the international matches ? including the friendly ones. It may save you points for being vigilant afterwards, and having a quality substitute?s bench!


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