Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 1:31 UTC+0
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The Premiership – The Final Countdown

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With the end of the season in sight it has come as a surprise to many that the race for the title is still undecided. Of course it is now a two horse race between Chelsea and the current title holders Manchester United so it is all to play for over the coming weekend.

As things stand the Londoners have the advantage with a one point lead over the Red Devils but any slip up by either side could hand the title to the other. Chelsea will be playing host to Wigan Athletic at Stamford Bridge while Manchester United will be playing Stoke at Old Trafford. As the Premiership title will be decided by the outcome of these two games the results will not just be of interest to supporters of the Chelsea and Man U but to footie fans all over the country. According to the football betting sites Chelsea are 1/12 odds on favourites to win the Premier League outright while the odds on Manchester United are 7/1.

Chelsea look to have the easier task. With just one game left a win against the Latics would secure the Blues their first league title since 2006. They win the game they win the title. But you can bet that Wigan would like nothing better than to end the season on a high note with a victory. Let?s not forget that the Latics beat Chelsea earlier this season so an upset is not impossible. Whether that hope is realistic is a matter of debate – Wigan Manager Roberto Martinez admits that it is a huge challenge for any team to go to Stamford Bridge and win. The online betting websitesare offering odds of 20/1 on Wigan winning and 7/1 on a draw. If Chelsea draw against Wigan and United win against Stoke then the title would go to Manchester.

Of course Sir Alex and company will be hoping for that Wigan can get a result at Stamford Bridge. United are 1/9 favourites to beat Stoke on Sunday and the odds on a draw are 7/1. If the Red Devils do win and and Chelsea draw or lose United will shatter another long-standing record by winning a fourth straight Championship title. Winning an English Championship for the nineteenth time would also be another incredible record and a remarkable achievement.

As an impartial observer, I wouldn?t mind betting that many football fans would rather see the Blues win the title this year and break the single club stranglehold that Manchester United have had in recent years. It probably would be healthier for English football and for the Premiership in particular.