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Premier League Fantasy Football

It is the time of the year when managers begin selecting their Premier League Fantasy Football team. The chances of winning the competition for managers is incredibly slim considering that they are competing against thousands of others who are all hungry for the first prize. So it is very important that managers choose the best team possible from the start allowing them to save transfers throughout the season without running out.

Firstly, the winning managers always have a cheap player who ends up scoring lots of valuable points. The best choices for this season are Graham Dorrans and Charlie Adam. Both have been promoted from the Championship with their respective teams but both will have chances to score a few goals. They both take the penalties and free-kicks for their respective teams giving them the opportunity to score the goals which will boost the points they score. Plus, both are the star players of their teams and the likelihood of the them starting every game is a major possibility too.

Also, the star players who will take up the bulk of your budget will create a massive problem for managers. With so many stars in the Premier League, which stars do you have? The certainty must be Frank Lampard. For a midfielder, Lampard scores lots of goals. Every season, Lampard scores around 15 goals. But last year, Lampard managed over 20. His Chelsea team-mate, Didier Drogba, must also be a certainty. Drogba scores loads of goals as well as getting several assists making him a must-have.

Now, the real decision making comes here. Do you have Pepe Reina, Edin van der SAR or Petr Cech in goal? Do you have Steven Gerrard or Cesc Fabregas in midfield? Do you have Fernando Torres or Wayne Rooney up front? These decisions are up to you. But, these decisions must be taken with thought. The points they tot up won’t be much different but could be the difference for you winning it or not.

Here’s what I have gone for:

Reina (LIV)
Johnson (LIV) O’Shea (MNU) Evans (MNU) Zhirkov (CHE)
Valencia (MNU) Dorrans (WBA) Aquilani (LIV) Lampard (CHE)
Torres (LIV) Drogba (CHE)

Reina and Johnson are solid picks and gain clean sheets whilst Johnson comes up with goals and assists. Also O’Shea, Evans and Zhirkov won’t appear as frequently but when they do, they won’t concede many goals and are cheap.

Lampard is a certainty whilst Dorrans and Aquilani are cheap and will score valuable points when played. Valencia provided many assists for Rooney and will have a similar impact again this season.

Finally, Drogba is a certainty leaving me to decide between Torres and Rooney. What helped me choose was Sir Alex revealing that Rooney won’t start the season due to World Cup whereas Torres will play. Plus, Torres scored an impressive 18 goals last season in 22 appearances which is remarkable. This makes you wonder how many goals Torres could get in 38 games. That sealed it for me.



  1. Emmett Crumley
     /  Reply

    Hello all,

    I don’t know where to start with what is wrong with your selection. Firstly I believe that there is an admiration for Liverpool as a slight bias. Most FF leagues only allow a max 3 players from one premier league outfit

    Defence: O’Shea, Evans and Zhirkov will not start week in week out. The key to fantasy football is to have players who will play the maximum. Also you want to have defenders who will buts into midfield or up the wings to provide possible assists.

    Midfield:Not much to say here Lampard Valencia Dorrans is a great shout, however Aquilani priced at 7.5m is not so good considering the very little he contributed last season.

    Forwards: I am a chelsea fan and believe Drogba is a fabulous choice but he just had sugery to keep him out for the start of the season. Go for Rooney and a striker with a smaller price tag. Torres is far too injury prone so it is almost certain you will have to change him at some point wasting points.

    Finally. You are allocated 100m quid on fantasy football premierleague website. I just entered the team you selected as the first 11. I also filled in the 4 substitutes with 4 players who cost the absolute least ans the team is 8.5m over the budget so as well as it being a inferior squad it costs too much. So here is what I would go with and the reason

    FOSTER – New Birmingham keeper who will play 3000+ mins

    SIMPSON- Newcastle def provides many assists and goals
    CARR- Reliable Birmingham Def
    HIGGINBOTHAM- Stoke Def Provides many assists

    LAMPARD- Best Midfielder Last season no explanation needed
    MALOUDA- Also one of the best will play most games
    FABREGAS- Contender for best Midfielder same qualaties
    BALE- Will defintely shine this season

    CARROLL- Had a great season for newcastle , cheap
    DOYLE- Certain to play for Wolves and bring int he points
    ROONEY- No explanation needed one of best in world


    Captaincy goes without any question to LAMPARD.

    Thanks for reading and goodluck!!

  2. Ryan Giblin
     /  Reply

    In response to you Emmett,

    I plan to publish a new team in light of recent events such as Drogba’s injury. Also, you say I have gone over budget, this team is for all general Fantasy Football sites not just for the one you are on about. This team I put out is what I think will get most basic points such as goal, assist, clean sheet points etc. I disagree about saying that O’Shea and Evans aren’t regulars. Both will start the season for Man Utd due to Ferdinand’s injury and O’Shea can play anywhere and was Man Utd’s first choice RB before his injury last year. Btw, on one particular Fantasy Football site, Aquilani is very cheap and I put in him due to his very cheap price and that he’ll start injury free and could score vital points. Please check out the new team I publish in a couple of days.

  3. Michael Needham
     /  Reply

    I personally think a squad rotational system works best (not so much for rafa)

    I’ve spent time looking at the fixtures and working out a team that can cover for one another.

    E.g if I have a Stoke player when stoke are playing against Chelsea, i would bring in a west brom player who would play blackpool.

    This is a great team for the first half of the season


    Carr Higginbotham R Johnson

    Lampard(c) Adam Nasri Bale Dorrans

    Defoe Doyle

    Subs: Gomes Drogba Jagielka Simpson

    Im sure you’ve noticed a lot of my players are set piece takers for their clubs. This will make a huge difference because in a game if they are not playing well, they still have a chance to bag valuable points.

    Its a risk having Drogba, but it will be worth it because while he’s out (first 2-3 games) Doyle has easy matches against the likes of Stoke, Everton and Newcastle.

    Hope to see more teams shown on here and good luck!

  4. luke foster
     /  Reply

    Just picked my team after changing about a million times!

    GK: Gomes, )

    Def: J Evans, Dawson, Terry, Evra, Sagna

    Mid: Lampard (c), Bale, Adam/Dorren

    Str: Rooney, Anelka

    Subs: Myhill, De Jong, Ferguson & Philips

    Any input?

    I had to make a few sacrifices to get lampard & rooney into the team and Am going to start with 5 defenders which I believe should score 6 points a game with clean sheets (fingers crossed).

  5. Jason Rose
     /  Reply

    I think it’s a fairly strong team. Obviously Gomes isn’t the top-point-scoring goalkeeper but it depends on price compared to others (on one, he’s the same price as Cech and I know who I’m going with).

    Defensively, Evans is probably a risky choice but the collection is relatively broad and safe. Depending on price, Bale may not be worth it – he was a defender for my FF team last year and got both clean sheets and goals – but he didn’t score more than other midfielders of similar prices – and not sure about Adam/Dorren yet.

    Anelka will be fighting for his place so I’d personally consider someone that will get consistent first team action, possibly of the likes of Defoe or such.

    Myhill, De John, Ferguson and Philips are all consistent enough for back-ups, though my guess is that Philips is probably overpriced for a substitute.

    My two cents! I’ll be posting my own thoughts in a couple of days so feel free to comment on that when it happens 🙂

  6. James Chandler
     /  Reply

    I don’t agree with Ryan. You need your players to be starting and playing as much as possible. My team (subject to change):

    GK : Gomes

    Def : Dawson, Warnock, Hughes

    Mid : Lampard (c), Bale, Adam, Dunn

    Fwd : Rooney, Anelka, Bent

    Subs : Carson, Dorrans, Baptiste, Simpson

    Dorrans and Adam will rotate depending on what games they play. I believe, being the central players in their respective teams, they will score some valuable points.

  7. pseudonym
     /  Reply

    what about:

    robinson (4.5)

    dunne (7.0)
    cole (7.5)
    higginbottom (4.5)

    lampard (13.0)
    n’zogbia (6.0)
    bale (6.5)
    valencia (8.5)

    tevez (10.5)
    anelka (9.0)
    boselli (6.0)

    myhill (4.0)
    foley (4.0)
    mouyokolo (4.0)
    adam (5.0)

    100 available

  8. ? ?
     /  Reply

    only competing to win in my leagues so thought id share my team and ask for some advice:

    GK : Schwarzer

    DEF : Vermaelen, Glen Johnson, Vidic, A Cole

    MID : Bale, J Cole, Arteta, Rodwell, Yaya Toure

    FWD : Teves

    Subs : Myhill, Zigic, Carroll, Shawcross

    Any weak points?

  9. Colm
     /  Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Any thoughts on the following team

    GK – Sorensen
    DEF – Hangeland , Jagielka, Dawson
    MID – Adam, Lampard (C), N’Zogbia, Arteta, Ferguson
    STR – Tevez, Rooney

    SUBS – Myhill, Craddock, Givet, Keane

    Still waiting to find out what happens with Keane and leaving Spurs….

    Any weaknesses ? Any suggested replacements ?


  10. Leeroy
     /  Reply

    yeah matey just a few. youve biased too much towards your defence. no one wins the league without having one of the big three midfielders as well.

  11. Jason Rose
     /  Reply

    GK : Gomes – might not start ahead of Hart but might transfer to Arsenal
    Def : Dawson, Warnock, Hughes – fine
    Mid : Lampard (c), Bale, Adam, Dunn – fine, though Bale might be pushed further towards defence if Young makes it
    Fwd : Rooney, Anelka, Bent – fine
    Subs : Carson, Dorrans, Baptiste, Simpson – should be fine

    Robinson, Dunne, Cole, Higginbottom – ok
    Lampard, N’Zogbia, Bale, Valencia – see comment on Bale above, others fine
    Tevez, Anelka, Boselli – fine, though Anelka won’t play every match

    Myhill, Foley, Mouyokolo, Adam – fine

    GK : Schwarzer – fine
    DEF : Vermaelen, Glen Johnson, Vidic, A Cole – excellent
    MID : Bale, J Cole, Arteta, Rodwell, Yaya Toure – solid
    FWD : Tevez – fine though I still prefer Adebayor if he stays
    Subs : Myhill, Zigic, Carroll, Shawcross – good

    Seriously, you can afford that team? I like it a lot 🙂 Since you’re in it to win it, I’ll try to be mean. Yaya may become a holding midfielder so won’t get goals, Tevez may be competing for his place, Bale may end up more defensive, etc. But it’s a very nice team, despite its lack of attackers.

  12. Joe
     /  Reply

    GK – Foster
    DEF – Terry Evra Dawson
    MID – Bale Dorrans Lampard Valencia
    FWD – Rooney Chamakh Doyle


  13. Sean
     /  Reply

    My team is

    Cech – Depending on fitness


    Phil Nevielle


    I picked this team and will priob stick to it. i could keep changing it but this is it for now… its gonna get interesting by the end the week any injuries etc from internationals…

  14. ben
     /  Reply

    my team::

    1: Sorensen
    2: Terry
    3: Dunne
    4: Johnson R
    5: Jagielka
    6: Lampard(C)
    7: Etherington
    8: N’Zogbia
    9: Rooney
    10: Doyle
    11: Van Persie

    I have 1million in the bank, once BENT is fit transfer him in as well as valenica for etherington. so the team will look like:

    my team::

    1: Sorensen
    2: Terry
    3: Dunne
    4: Johnson R
    5: Jagielka
    6: Lampard(C)
    8: N’Zogbia
    9: Rooney
    10: Doyle
    11: BENT

    what use think?

  15. Fantasy Dreamer
     /  Reply

    Im picking Blackpool to be the whipping boys in this years league. I’ll be wearing a old Blackpool jersey, from 98/99 season when they played Man City in League 1 and held them to a 0-0 draw, this year. (a bet from last season, I really didn’t believe they’d go up)

    Wigan are at home to Blackpool in GW1 so I’ve picked Figueroa DEF (4.5m) and Rodellega FW (6.5m).

    Arsenal play Liverpool at Anfield in GW1 then they have a pretty easy run until Chelsea in GW 7 and I can see a few possible clean sheets and alot of room for goals, assists, and man of matches. I went with Sagna SUB (6m), Nasri MID (7.5m) and Chamakh FW (8m).

    I haven’t gone for any Liverpool players as I believe it’ll be GW3 before they really get the chance to show what Roy’s Boys are capable of. Instead I’ve gone over the road to Everton for a couple of players I believe should shine this year. I’ve opted for Heitinga DEF (6m) and Bilyaletdinov MID (6.5m).

    Man Utd are another team that tends not to concede too many goals and score their fair share. I went with Van Der Sar GK (6.5m), Valencia MI (8.5m) and Hernandez FW (7.5m). Hernandez has yet to put his stamp on the league but looks sure to be a hit at Man Utd, he also speaks English.

    Chelsea should have a good start to the season with a easy run of fixtures until GW6. They open at home against West Brom and should get off to a flying start. I’ve gone for Terry DEF (7m) and Lampard MID (13m).


    GK Myhill West Brom (4m)
    DEF Sagna Arsenal (6m)
    DEF Foley Wolves (4m)
    MID Ferguson Birmingham (4.5m)

    My team cost exactly 100m and will be fielding a 3-4-3 formation for GW1.

  16. Jason Rose
     /  Reply

    GK – Foster
    DEF – Terry Evra Dawson
    MID – Bale Dorrans Lampard Valencia
    FWD – Rooney Chamakh Doyle

    Doyle and Bale might not be the best value for money compared to a couple of alternatives but it’s certainly not a weak team by any means 🙂

    Dawson Toure Jagielka
    Lampard Bale Parker Phil Neville
    Rooney Drogba Carroll

    I’m going with Cech on one of my teams, assuming he’s going to be fit for the second match. Toure is risky with Boateng and Lescott there and Richards/Zabaleta and Kolarov/Bridge on the wings but your call. My personal thought is that Bale/Parker/Neville isn’t the strongest but then you’ve got Lampard/Rooney/Drogba so it balances.

    The more I think about it, though, the more I don’t like the selection of a midfield Bale. He’s competing against Lennon, Jenas, Kranjcar, Modric, Palacios and other talents and there’s a good possibility of Ashley Young or someone else coming in to compete further. And he has played defensively in the past, where Assou-Ekotto, Hutton et al aren’t the best defenders in the world. It’s up in the air a bit but still, make the decision on Saturday morning based on the news of international duty, transfers etc! I know I’m going to have some thinking to do.

  17. Nathan
     /  Reply

    HI Guys,

    Like a lot of people I have been changing my squad all day.
    Can I have your thoughts on this team please.


    Senderos, Higginbotham, Dawson, Carragher
    Lampard(C),Valencia, Dorrans,Bale
    Rooney, Tevez

    Myhill, Doyle, Adam, Simpson

  18. James
     /  Reply


    Craddock/jagielka/Johnson R

    Valencia/lampard/Essien/ Billydentiov


    subs- Ferguson/ Simpson/ Crainey

    What does everyone think, would really appreciate some tips.

  19. KELLY
     /  Reply


    Any thoughts on my team please?

    GK Sorensen
    DEF Terry Craddock Shawcross
    MID Lampard(c) Valencia Etherington Bale
    FRD Van Persie Tevez Rodallega

    SUBS Carr Foley Ferguson

    Im not sure if to swap Valencia with Fabregas and Van persie with Hernandez.

    Please help

  20. Laperpool
     /  Reply

    GK : Van der Sar,
    cause still doubt with chech.. Both Play an easy game

    Deff : Evans, O’Shea, Ivanovic
    same reason i pick GK

    Mid : Silva, Cole, Adam, Doran, Valencia
    Silva, good player with cheap price, Cole 2nd forward, hmm…
    Adam & Doran, I read their fantastic record last season
    Valencia is a good partner of Rooney..

    Fwd : Rooney, Javanovic
    Roo is alaway a good executor, Javanovic has a good opurtunity

    So what do you think??

  21. J
     /  Reply

    Not sure about silva apparently he dont like living away from home. Jovanovic i think seems goods and certainly looks like he will beat a defender or few on the wing.

    My team

    Gk Van der sar- has a good defence
    Df Jagielka Dawson K Toure A cole
    Mf Etherington Lampard De jong Bale – DJ will play every game buts not a high point scorer
    St Chammakh Drogba

    What do u think

  22. me
     /  Reply







    Cole A










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