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Fantasy Football Guru Review

Football has gotten better and better over the years and has been a very popular sport amongst the masses. It is riveting to watch teams competing fiercely with one another to gain the cherished top spot in the league and with it, the laurels and the plaudits that make the sport memorable. Now, you are bound to have many favorites and it will be impossible for you to cheer for them all at the same time, for you can have only one team winning the fabled championship.

Enter Fantasy football. This unique brainchild of the internet allows one to create a fantasy team comprising of a mixed lot of players. All fielded from various teams playing the championship, and one of the wonderful fantasy football portals to play the beautiful game, tailor made for its fans, is at is a very unique initiative. It is very different from other fantasy football leagues. The website offers a short-term football experience by organizing weekly fantasy competitions where you can field your dream team and pit them against others to win the top draw in the competition. If you have the right amount of skill and in depth football knowledge, you stand a chance against the others, for you’ll choose your fantasy team wisely, making appropriate changes as necessitated, during the course of the week.

Once you’ve fielded your dream team for the week, you can watch your team’s progress against competition in real time, on the website’s live scoring competition page. This also gives you a chance to follow the beautiful game as it happens, all whilst tracking the progress of your dream team. Player performance gets translated into fantasy points which get accumulated over the week and if you get the highest points, you emerge as the winner, eligible to take away a cash prize.

11kicks is a really good fantasy football hotspot. You will need to sign up first though, in order to get a bird’s eye view of the goings on in this portal. Once you login, you are free to choose between three levels of competition. You can enter into a public competition and contest against players from around the globe. There is an entry fee for this competition and one stands a chance to earn up to 2000 pounds in cash, according to the amount of fantasy points you’ve accumulated from Kickoff to the last game in the competition. Once you login, you can create multiple teams, each with a separate name and with a separate set of players. You are entitled to join a competition with multiple teams or you can field a single team per competition. You could also enter into multiple weekly contests at the same time, fielding the teams you’ve created in each of these competitions.

When you are entering into a public competition, you will be notified of an entry fee which will have to be added by you through a payment method you’ve specified. Once this is done, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page and you’re now eligible to play in a competition. You are entitled to choose a formation of your choice, and you can choose players for your team from either the Barclay’s Premier League or from the Spanish La Liga.

Team line-ups for any competition are published in advance, two hours before the actual game is played. If you want to make any changes to your starting 11, this would be the time to make the changes. Once the competition kicks off, you can see the progress of your team in the competitions page, all the while tracking the scores of teams which play the game in reality.

Creating your own private competition is just as simple.  You can invite up to 11 people to participate in the competition that you are about to host. All the other rules are the same as above. Once you’ve invited your friends to join the competition, an email invite will be sent to them, inviting them to join the competition, an access code for which will be sent via email. You can also partake in private competitions, although an invite for the same is warranted. You can also enter 11kicks using your login via facebook and twitter as well.

The website offers up to 4 cash transactions per month, and this is exclusive only to members. You can withdraw cash immediately or let it accumulate. So sign up, and play this wonderful online fantasy football game and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes!



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