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Euro Eleven European Fantasy Football Game Launched

London- 20.03.2011 – New fantasy football game; the Euro eleven European fantasy football game offers a lot for imagination of the participants and viewers across the globe.

Game allows the user to select his or her most favorite eleven players from the five top football leagues staged across Europe. The five leagues are –

• English Premier League;
• Italian Series A;
• Spanish La Liga;
• French Ligue 1; and
• German Bundesliga.

With the popularity of the fantasy game increasing by leaps and bounds among the sports lovers, several informative website have appeared providing all information and news about the game. Such websites are offering newsletters as well as game reminders that will be dispatched to viewers during the current football season in May. User has only to sign up to one of the sites to get all these information.

The game starts with the regular football leagues coming to end and relegation and promotion of the teams are over and confirmed. Participants in the fantasy game have to use his or her expertise and luck and the endeavor of each of the participants is to become the best manager in Europe.

Incentives for the participants come in form of monthly as well as overall winning prizes and mini leagues. You can play up against your friends and colleagues at works or against any other. Since online gaming facilities are available as well it will help you play with overseas participants as well on one of the websites.

Aim of the fantasy game is to bring the European football community together through the games.

People who are at loss about how to play the game should know the basics of the game. It all starts with selecting the team and giving your team a suitable name. You can give any name but the name should not be considered by Euro Eleven as offensive because they have the right to delete such accounts that uses offensive name or involves in derogatory practices. This is thus one aspect that the participants should be careful about while participating in the fantasy game. It will not feel well to be waived out of the competition after getting the entry through hard works.

The fantasy game follows a particular pattern and has some set limits. For instance; the budgetary limits for forming the team is €100 million Euros. Participant has to pick out the team of eleven players within the set budgetary allocation. Another set pattern is the formation of the team. Only one of the following formations can be used by the participant –

• 4-4-2 formation;
• 4-3-3 formation;
• 4-5-1 formation; and
• 3-5-2 formation.

In the above formations, the first digit indicates the number of defenders, middle digit indicates the number of midfielders, and the last digit indicates the number of forwards or attackers.

Similarly, there is also a set process for selection of players. It can be affected by choosing the particular league that one wishes to select from. Thereafter the participant should select the club and then they would select the players listed in the order of their positions.

Participants should however, follow the selection rules as well. First of all; they have to select a captain. A star symbol is the identification mark for the captain. Other rules to be followed are –

• All players are not from same league;
• More than two players won’t come from same team;
• One can spend less than the budget but not more;
• Number of players for any position cannot be more than the approved format.
• Only two transfers are permitted per week.
• Confirm and submit the team.

You can only enter one team per entrant. It is also necessary following the etiquette of the game. Even celebrities have not escaped penalties for breaking the rule of etiquette.

If you are thinking of participating in the fantasy game then it is time to learn a bit about all these aspects of the game.


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  1. Phil Howard
     /  Reply

    First time a Fantasy Football game combines the top 5 leagues in Europe. Should be interesting!


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