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The Football Frenzy 2011/12

If you are looking to make the football season more interesting or even something for you to compete against your friends and colleagues, then turn your attention to The Football Frenzy.

The Football Frenzy 2011/12 is a brand new fantasy football competition that requires users to choose 11 teams as oppose to 11 players.

The teams are chosen from specified groups across the top four english divisons. Teams will then score points based on their real-life results, with teams scoring more points for good results against teams with higher reputations!

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to play, there are no hidden costs.

Who can join?

Absolutely anyone can sign up, men, women and children, you don’t have to know anything about football, and it only takes 2 minutes to register!

How does it work?

Teams are chosen from specified groups across the top four English divisions (3 from the Premier League, 3 from the Championship, 3 from League One and 2 from League Two) based on their final positions from last season. Meaning you cannot choose all the favourites but instead you get a fair spread of upper and lower reputation teams. Teams will then score points based on their real-life results and the total points of the teams each user has chosen determines their position in the overall table.

How do teams score points?

More points are scored by teams for results against teams with higher reputations! For example, if Swansea win 1-0 against Man Utd in a league match they would score 120 points (90 points for the win, 15 points for a goal and 15 points for a clean sheet) whereas if they beat Norwich 1-0 they would only score 45 points (30 points for the win, 5 points for a goal and 5 points for a clean sheet). A full explanation of how the points scoring system works can be found on the website.

What can be won?

Unfortunately, as it is brand new fantasy football competition, no prizes have yet been made available. However, it is hopeful that the website will generate some income and all of this money will be put into the prize fund pot! Updates will be sent out to all members throughout the season as and when money for prizes becomes available.

How to sign up?

Register a few basic details on the website, including your chosen ‘Team Name’, email address and password to log in with. Then activate your account by clicking on the link sent to the email address you provided. Log in and visit your ‘My Account’ page to make your team selections. Once you have made your team selections your ‘My Account’ page will display your selected teams, how many points each of them have, where you currently lie in monthly and overall tables and what fixtures are coming up that include your teams. There is also a private league section where you can create new or join existing private leagues to compete against friends/colleagues to make it even more interesting!

Anyone who is interested can register before 19:45 on Friday 5 August by clicking on the following link:



  1. Ade Akinboyewa
     /  Reply

    I’m doing this.. great idea!!! need to look at transfers and mini-leagues!

  2. Luke Prendergast
     /  Reply

    You can now sign up at any time and still earn points for the games you haven’t missed!


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