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The Nuances of Selecting A Team

After considering the meagre implications, and the risk of sounding repetitive, I again stress upon the importance of selecting a good team. This is often the hardest part of the campaign. Bringing out the best quality on paper isn?t really everything, as you will soon begin to see. Forethought, and a good dose of planning and execution, seasoned with some damage control skills are as just as important when cooking up your recipe for success. In due course, we will make sure that you have grasped some knowledge as to how you should go about selecting your squad?

The first, and foremost rule is to pick players who are normally in the first eleven names on the team sheet. It will do no good for you if only six of your eleven first team players are playing this weekend. This implies that five of your players are not scoring points for you, and will significantly mar your progress up the ladder to be the leader of your fantasy league. Remember when I spoke of listing out the probable players for your squad? Filter out those players who do not play at least 30 games or more from the 38 games that will be played during the course of the season.

So far, so good, right? Not quite! There are many other factors you need to consider before you just randomly add your favorite players to your squad! You can try to look at some soccer betting sites to know the latest on your favorite team or to know who are the favorite teams where you can get a player and add to your squad. You can also consider looking at injury prone players for example. There are a few players who would probably made it to the 30 game mark, but have a serious struggle to do so because of riddled with nursing injuries, sometimes being out of form in the process.

Also remember, rotation players are not good for your squad since they do not always play every game in the premiership. Take Liverpool for instance, and you will notice precisely what I am talking about. Rafa Benitez is well known to shuffle around with his lineup like a deck of cards. This also goes to clubs that may rotate their players due to Cup or the Champions League. If one of the big four have a Champions League clash around the corner, you can expect some players rested. As for Liverpool, few fantasy managers are brave enough to pick up players apart from Carragher, Reina and Gerrard. This is where you need to play smart and pick up players like Agbonlahor, who should easily get 30 plus games barring any injuries. So now, apart from injuries, and loss of form, you have to worry about how many games each player on your squad will play, how he will fare when he does play! That is apart from the dreaded rotation that may turn your team upside down, with your head going round and round!

I’ll leave you with one little thing for you to think about. Its not always players from the big four or five teams that will help you get ahead. Your knowledge of the smaller teams is just as important!



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