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A beginner’s guide to fantasy football

If the rock you’ve been living under all your life just shifted and you’ve been confronted with the world of fantasy football by the office, friends or an enthusiastic football nut nephew, then this article is for you.

At the height of the premier league, fantasy football syndicates are the top of the conversation league table. If you’re wondering where to start, there are plenty of brilliant  free fantasy football providers out there, including always popular Sky Sports who offer players £75 million to create their fantasy dream team.

But what is this fantasy football dream team, you may ask. Playing fantasy football is a one-way ticket to becoming a Fantasy Manager. That is, you pick a team of real-life players and their performance throughout the premiership scores you points. Depending which free fantasy football provider you choose, you pick from a range of 11-15 players (to include subs) and each week – depending on their performance – you will add and subtract these scores from a total. This total is then compared to others if you have your own mini league (like a syndicate – very popular in offices) and in the greater fantasy football world.

Depending on which fantasy football game you chose, how you score points will differ. However, the common ways of scoring points will remain the same, only the amount of points will change. Remember though, everything correlates to real-life players, goals and outcomes. If your players play, you score points. If they score goals, this is more points. The more goals scored, the more points you accumulate. Some fantasy football games also take into account players who initiate or significantly aid to goal scoring. A brilliant passing shot is a good example of this. And lastly, if your player receives honours such as Man of the Match, then that also means more points.

With every fantasy football game, you are given a set budget (in the millions) which you, as manager, have to distribute and handle. Think tactically, where do you want to spend the money? In solid defensive players or glory-focused strikers? It’s a good idea to look into who is playing well at the moment, who is tipped to become a success this season and who just played well in tournaments such as the recent Copa America and Spanish league. Budget will restrict you from buying an absolutely infallible team full of international sensations as that is not fair. The team you choose should be well-rounded, a few hit and miss players, solid ones and maybe players no one has heard of – yet!

Once you’ve picked your team, submit it, sit back and wait for your points to come in. In parallel you can place some online bets, using special bookmakers signup offers, to get even more pleasure from your fantasy football adventure. But just because you’ve submitted your team doesn’t mean that the fun stops there. You can react to bad performances and injuries but making substitutes (transfers and subs are often limited though) and generally make sure that your team is performing as best as you can make them.

So, before you start, make sure you understand the scoring method of your chosen game. Make a shortlist of possible players you may wish to include, know your budget and its restrictions, where you may want to splash out or save money, check the injuries and banned players tables and most of all, be prepared to take some risks. He who dares wins! And you don’t have to be a football nut to win at fantasy football. See how you fare this season.



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