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Fantasy Football 2013/14

The Football Frenzy brings you fantasy football as you’ve never seen it before. What makes it different is the way in which you earn points as a fantasy football manager. You are required to make a selection of 11 teams from the top four English divisions to score points throughout the season.

Your selections will be made up of 3 Premier League teams, 3 from the Championship, 3 from League One and 2 from League Two. However, each team you choose has an assigned value and you will need to ensure that you do not exceed your budget of £5.7bn. An unlimited number of transfers are permitted until the first game of the season has kicked off on Friday 2 August at 19:45 just in case you change your mind. After that point you can make 2 transfers per month to keep your selection of clubs at maximum strength.

The teams you have chosen will score points based on real life results. 30 points for a win, 10 for a draw, 5 points for each goal scored and 5 points for a clean sheet. Bonus points are awarded in cup matches when a team’s opponent is in a division ranked higher than their own. A full breakdown of how to play The Football Frenzy is available on the website.

This season members can submit up to 5 teams for an increased chance of winning. Each team is automatically entered into the overall leaderboard and can also be entered in to a maximum of 5 private leagues so you can compete against friends and co-workers as you wish.

It is completely free for everyone to enter and there are currently £100 in prizes to be won. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and see if you can claim the title of ultimate fantasy football manager!




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