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Is Anthony Martial A Good Fantasy League Buy?

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A lot of people questioned the amount of money paid by Manchester United for the 19 year-old forward Anthony Martial. At 36 million pounds for an unproved player, there is a lot of pressure on him to perform. The price tag so far has not fazed him with him netting 3 goals in just 116 of Premier League action so far.

Since scoring those goals, Fantasy League Managers have scrambled to include him in their teams. Caution is needed though, as this unproved player may have hit the ground running, but the question is will his golden streak continue?

Anthony Martial`s Premire League Goal Scoring Stats

Martial`s Premire league stats show an interesting story. So far he has had 4 shots on goal with 3 of these all been on target and has scored with all of them. It is impossible for the young striker to keep up with this ratio through the season. To continue his impressive run he will need to increase his shooting frequency.

Anthony Martial`s French Premier League Goal Scoring Stats

When he played for AS Monaco he managed 51 shots on goal, which he converted 9. His shooting accuracy was 56% which is they type of return you would expect from a top rated striker. They do not however, suggest that he is going to be in the top bracket of Premier League strikers. At only 19 he has still a lot to learn but he has lots of time to develop his game.

Martial is a gamble for Fantasy League Managers, but if he is able to keep on scoring on a regular basis, he will be exceptional value for the amount of money. Anyone looking to add him into their teams though need to be realistic and not get carried away. It is impossible to judge a player on such a small amount of game time.

Player Comparisons

Two young players who are worth comparing Martial with are Christian Benteke and Bafetimbi Gomis. A large number of Fantasy League Managers that have one or both players are looking at changing to Martial. With Benteke now out injured it is a good move, however Gomis is a different story all together. He may of not scored in his last two game but for the season he has 4 so far. Comparing the same amount of time played as Martial he has taken 6 shot with 5 been on target. The statistics show that he is going to get goals and be consistent throughout the season.


It is easy to understand why so many people are choosing to switch players and buy Martial. It looks likely that the young French International is going to be playing up front for MUFC throughout the season and not a bench warmer. With Wayne Rooney playing slightly behind him, he should get the chances he need to continue his impressive scoring streak. It is important not to get carried away and realize that the season is long. Many players have hit the ground running but have then gone through long goal droughts. It will be then when we will be able to see if the young striker has what it takes to be a success.

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