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New Year, New Premier League Talking Points

We’ve reached that time of the season, where we slowly hide away those pre-season prediction slips like they never happened and wear your favourite football kit with either immense pride or a long face of shame. Either way, we now have a good portion of the season to review all the end-to-end action we’ve seen.

So, what’s new?

Well, usually we’d expect the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea battling at the helm of the table (hence why we usually stuff our Fantasy Teams with the likes of Costa and Aguero!), but this season hasn’t exactly gone to plan. With 20 games gone, we have been treated to a David vs Goliath situation with the likes of Arsenal and Leicester (yes you heard that right, Leicester) looking at lifting that trophy come the end of May.

Why are Leicester doing so well?

Your guess is as good as mine. No-one really expected Leicester to be in the top 4, or in the top half of the table for that matter. The once relegation threatened side, who had only 10 points from 17 games last season, look like a resurged force to be reckoned with. With the additions of Riyad Mahrez, a suave Claudio Ranieri and a upbeat yet consistent Jamie Vardy, the sky really is the limit. So, going back to the question, there’s really no actual answer, whether it’s Claudio Ranieri’s bizarre promise of pizza for clean sheets or perhaps the fact that their football kit colour could have jinxed their season’s success (A Chelsea blue anyone?).

Well, what’s happened to the reigning Champions?

From once boasting an 87 point title-win less than 8 months ago, to breaking the record for the worst title defence in Barclays Premier League history. It’s all a bit surreal really, with Jose promptly getting the axe after slating his individual players, Chelsea looks to be on the up with new man, Guus, bringing back the winning spirit for the reigning champions with an unbeaten start to 2016 (as of the 7th, granted).

And what about the middle of the table?

With only a matter of 10 points (yes, as little as 10 points) separating 15th placed Norwich and 5th placed Manchester United after 20 games, we can say that the ‘middle’ of the table can be almost be considered as the ‘entirety’. With a situation, that we’d expect after 10 games, rather than 20, we can certainly expect a season that’s going to run until the last gameweek unless the January Transfer Window is going to import some game-changers to slash the amount of draws we’re seeing across the league. I mean with Bournemouth linked with El Shaarawy anythings possible, right?

So what can we expect for the remainder?

On behalf of neutrals everywhere, “hopefully more of the same” is the sentence on everyone’s lips. Like the saying goes, “anything can happen in football” and that has certainly shown, whether it’s Chelsea’s downfall or Leicester’s rise that’s got you gripped, the next coming months should be some of the best to witness. One thing is for sure, expect to be making brisk changes to your fantasy team this season!



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