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  • Of Repositioning, Slumbering Giants, and the Greenhorns?

    Repositioned players have for long been looked at in a friendly manner, accompanied by a wry smile on the faces of the managers. These are players that are classified as defenders but are played more in the midfield, or specified as midfielders who also play up front. Consider what would happen if your forwards, as

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  • Theo, Or Leo?

    Melanie Slade, one of the most unorthodox WAG?s around (being well mannered, and almost apologetic, irrespective of whether it is really meant that way or not) has blurted out what could very well turn into a chant by the away crowd in order to unsettle the quick footed youngster. To quote Ms. Slade, We were

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  • An English Villa?

    Yeah, and this is a website about real estate! What we are talking about here is what could well be one of the biggest, and certainly one of the most exciting transfers to take place this season. We will now focus our attention onto the top scorer at Euro 2008. David Villa! It has been

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  • The Budget

    When the budding great managers of tomorrow (and the hopefuls) first select their team, they are kept on a leash that goes by the term ?budget?. If you are new to the concept of fantasy football, you?ll probably have one look at the budget and think that it is a pretty liberal one. Three or

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  • Scoring of Points

    So you?ve created that team you predict will have the most outstanding performers based on the budget that all managers have been given, right? Good, now you?re all set to learn about the point scoring system. Most fantasy football leagues have different systems of scoring, but broadly speaking, we will go over the incidents that

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  • Team Selection

    When you first join a league, you will be asked to select a team. This is one of the most important parts of the game, and is highly influential in the outcome of your performance as a manager. Yes, you can at times transfer players out, and into your squad depending on the constraints of

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