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Fantasy Football Guru
  • Serie A star who could shine in England

    Premier League bosses may have missed a trick in the past two transfer windows. Back in the summer of 2014, Jeremy Menez was edging towards the exits at Paris St-Germain as he prepared to drop into the free agent pool. He is a player who has figured on English radars in the past – during

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  • Top three cheap fantasy football thrills

    You cannot beat finding a bargain in life, and the same goes for those of us who dabble in the world of fantasy football. With some big names underperforming this season we pick out the three players who can add value to your side at a fraction of the cost of a YayaToure or Robin

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  • Try Your Luck In Slots:

    Slots are very simple and popular to play and don’t require any specific gambling knowledge. Anyone canget in the game. Every spin is just like every other spin – they’re all totally random. But just because they’re random doesn’t mean that there’s no math involved. All machines have one thing in common – the longer

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  • La Liga Defender of the Year

    Had it not been for Real Madrid winning the Copa del Rey semi-final, Atletico Madrid would have had the opportunity to sweep up all of the available honours this season. Nevertheless, their players are likely to dominate all of the individual awards at the end of this La Liga season. Diego Costa may receive most of the limelight for

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  • Reasons Why Football Betters Like Playing Online Bingo

    Football is one of the major sports in the UK, and across the world. Football is one sport that many like to wage bets on. Betting on football games is similar to playing bingo in many different ways. Placing bets and wagers in the game of football is similar to playing bingo online. Bingo and

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