Monday, 14/10/2019 | 10:41 UTC+0
Fantasy Football Guru
  • The warm up

    The Premier League season is 3 months old and all fantasy managers have stretched their legs, strained their muscles and are ready to take on all comers! So how have you faired so far? Here is my team (as of the 8th of October) I will confess this has had a few changes since the

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  • Gameweek 32

    As the season has a little over two months left now more than ever is acquisitions for fantasy teams more crucial. The two most popular and undeniable successful players in the league this season have been ruled out for the season and two to three weeks respectfully. For those of you who have Wayne Rooney

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  • The End is in Sight

    The end of the season is within sight for many teams however for many teams this season has not panned out how they would have wanted to. Portsmouth?s demise culminating in administration and a subsequent points deduction means that in terms of your fantasy league aspirations any Portsmouth players should be avoided. On the opposite

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  • The Halfway Line

    As the half way point of the season has been reached, its time to look at your team and see who is performing and who is performing below expectations. Manchester United have played well below par all season however find themselves amongst the top contenders in the league, aside from Wayne Rooney the red devils

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  • The Search For Consistency

    When it comes to your team most managers look for those players who are guaranteed to give you points with their steady performances. Players such as Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are often popular due to their high level of consistent performances over recent decades, however with this continuity comes high prices and as a

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  • Jumping on the bandwagon

    Last week Jermain Defoe managed to grab himself 5 goals against a dismal Wigan side, this created the inevitable Defoe hype which caused him to be selected by more than 110,000 managers in the past week alone. So his Defoe’s situation isolated? Lets see other players who have had similar fortunes and whether it is

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