Thursday, 21/11/2019 | 3:44 UTC+0
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  • A lighter shade of Football

    Things are beginning to heat up, with the transfer season approaching us at lightning speed. The league table seems have taken some shape and we are able to see where this season is headed. Players are huffing and puffing, some clubs are on the verge of being sold, some managers have been replaced, and it?s

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  • Kids will be Kids?

    Sometime during the second half of last month, a 21-year-old kid was made captain of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Arsene Wenger was right in ripping the sacred armband off Gallas? arm, but he ended up handing it to his best player. One might argue that Tony Adams was younger when

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  • Theo, Or Leo?

    Melanie Slade, one of the most unorthodox WAG?s around (being well mannered, and almost apologetic, irrespective of whether it is really meant that way or not) has blurted out what could very well turn into a chant by the away crowd in order to unsettle the quick footed youngster. To quote Ms. Slade, We were

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  • An English Villa?

    Yeah, and this is a website about real estate! What we are talking about here is what could well be one of the biggest, and certainly one of the most exciting transfers to take place this season. We will now focus our attention onto the top scorer at Euro 2008. David Villa! It has been

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