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  • La Liga Defender of the Year

    Had it not been for Real Madrid winning the Copa del Rey semi-final, Atletico Madrid would have had the opportunity to sweep up all of the available honours this season. Nevertheless, their players are likely to dominate all of the individual awards at the end of this La Liga season. Diego Costa may receive most of the limelight for

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  • Fantasy Football 2013/14

    The Football Frenzy brings you fantasy football as you’ve never seen it before. What makes it different is the way in which you earn points as a fantasy football manager. You are required to make a selection of 11 teams from the top four English divisions to score points throughout the season. Your selections will

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  • Advice for New Participants in the Fantasy Premier League

    For those who are just learning about the Fantasy Premier League there is a few things that you should learn about it before getting start. First off you should know that this is the official fantasy football competition and since it’s free for everyone to join it can be a great new addition to your

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  • The Football Frenzy 2012/13

    The Football Frenzy is back for the 2012/13 season and it’s bigger and better. Get your teams entered quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on any points. This year there are lots of improvements including: Guaranteed prizes Improved team stats An easy to follow scoring system A more user friendly interface Look and feel

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  • Football app launched to mark start of Euro Championships

    Fantasy iTeam has announced the launch of a Euro 2012 version of its successful fantasy football app, to celebrate the start of the European Championships in the Ukraine and Poland this month. Fantasy iTeam is a mobile fantasy football manager game for the English Premier League. Unlike other fantasy football games which rely on a

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  • A Good Place to Start Playing Fantasy Football

    “” has been declared the Favorite Simulation Game in 2011 by BBGsite after receiving 40671 votes from world-wide fans. Hattrick is a fantasy football game that started on August 30, 1997. It practically allows you to own, manage and train your own football club. You have to sign-up and once you complete the form, you’ll

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