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  • Train Like A Football Star

    If football, to you, is a majestic battle between two teams, a locking of horns, a ferocious, epic, yet sublime clash of heroic sportsmen, then you’ll be interested in this competition. You could win a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with the Chelsea football team, have a training session with the coaches, then

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  • La Liga

    The Premier League of Liga de F?tbol Profesional is the top tier of Spanish football. Over the years, it has come to be known as the La Liga. The league is contested by 20 of the best clubs in the country, and each team plays the other 19 contestants twice. The team with the maximum

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  • Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Mark Rooney, born on the 24th of October 1985, is a prominent English footballer. Born in the Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool, Merseyside, the boy wonder graduated from the youth academy of Everton, a local club with to which would pledge as well as break an allegiance. He made his premier league debut for Everton

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  • Lega Calcio Serie A

    Officially recognized as Lega Calcio Serie A TIM, due to sponsorship, Serie A marks zenith of Italian football clubs. From 1898 to 1922, this contest between Italy?s finest was structured through regional grouping. This form underwent a few changes, and eventually emerged as the Serie A that we know today. It is widely regarded as

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  • The Premier League

    One of the most important football leagues in the world is the point of our focus today. We will narrow down on England and look at the league where all the money is! For the not so enlightened, the Premier League is the biggest league competition in England, and is at the top of the

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  • A lighter shade of Football

    Things are beginning to heat up, with the transfer season approaching us at lightning speed. The league table seems have taken some shape and we are able to see where this season is headed. Players are huffing and puffing, some clubs are on the verge of being sold, some managers have been replaced, and it?s

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