Friday, 22/11/2019 | 11:23 UTC+0
Fantasy Football Guru

    When selecting players for fantasy football, a good tip is to look out for ?out of position? players. By this I mean players who are listed in one position, but actually take to the field in another (ie. listed in the fantasy league as defender and plays on a Saturday in midfield). There can occasionally

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  • The Budget

    When the budding great managers of tomorrow (and the hopefuls) first select their team, they are kept on a leash that goes by the term ?budget?. If you are new to the concept of fantasy football, you?ll probably have one look at the budget and think that it is a pretty liberal one. Three or

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  • What is Fantasy Football?

    Fantasy football is a game in which managers (people like you and me) choose a team of real life players of your choice and score points based on the performances of each of the individual players in your team. Points are awarded individually to each player, and they can be positive or negative, based on

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